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Remembrance of The Past

A Requiem for Civilization

A requiem is a funeral mass, or “an act or token of remembrance.” This blog provides a brief overview of the root cause of the death of civilization, and respectfully remembers a few of the most important characteristics of the departed. The former strength of great civilizations was always a result of strong, stable families, which comprised basic social and economic units of the civilization. The fall of Western civilization was a result of the disintegration of the family. A careful study of history will show that this was the root cause of the destruction of every once-great civilization. The feminist movement and the sexual revolution of the 1960’s destroyed the civilized world by destroying families.

The Cause of Death

In the former civilized world, labor was divided between men and women in a way that was designed to maximize happiness and success of the family unit as a whole, as well as that of each member, where each member contributed what he or she was uniquely gifted to provide. The family unit, created through the marriage of a man and a woman, was virtually unbreakable. The husband was primarily responsible for providing the material necessities for his family, and the wife was primarily responsible for raising the children. The social destruction of the 1960’s and beyond changed this forever. From feminist Betty Friedan, millions of women heard that “careers can’t wait, men can.” Nicholas Davidson, in his book The Failure of Feminism, says “Friedan’s attack on femininity, as epitomized in the housewife role, had in the late sixties exploded in the emerging mass “women’s movement” into a virulent hatred directed against the institution of the family itself.”

Millions of women bought into Friedan’s philosophy and abandoned homes and families, or did not seek them in the first place. This had unintended consequences. “The gullible women who entered the workforce at the urging of feminists quickly discovered that they did not like it very much. Work turned out to be ... well, a lot of work” (F. Roger Devlin, Home Economics). Feminists relentlessly pushed careerism all the more vigorously on women, and gained widespread acceptance of professional child day care (which has been shown unequivocally to damage children; every parent or potential parent should read Brian Robertson’s book Day Care Deception). Feminism sought to make careerism and professional child care compulsory. Feminist Simone de Beauvior said: “No woman should be authorized to stay home and raise her children. Women should not have that choice, precisely because if there is such a choice, too many women will make that one.” Kate Millett, a prominent lesbian feminist, said: “The care of children... is infinitely better left to the best trained practicioners of both sexes who have chosen it as a vocation, rather than to harried and all too frequently unhappy persons with little time nor taste for the work of educating young minds.” And “the collective professionalization (and consequent improvement) of the care of the young… would further undermine family structure while contributing to the freedom of women.” Also from Millett, “the family, as that term is presently understood, must go.”

The Autopsy Report: Causes of Fatal Injuries

Although the social pathology that destroyed civilization had many interacting causes and mechanisms, there are two primary, mutually-reinforcing injuries which essentially circumscribe all others. There are many facets to these injuries that could be analyzed in great detail. Only the most essential unpleasant points are discussed, the risk of causing unnecessary offense or causing misunderstanding being considered too high a price to pay for the detailed scrutiny of various items that are not of paramount importance. The essential injuries are:

Injury 1: Working women made careers their first priority and families a lower priority, if they were considered a priority at all.

Excerpt from THE COMING MATRIARCHY by Nickles and Ashcraft:
“The working woman not only prefers a smaller family, but, in fact, fewer have children… Our survey also showed that working women have less successful marriages. A woman who works was five times as likely to have a disrupted marriage as one who did not work….Working wives are more than twice as likely as housewives to have had affairs by the time they reach their late thirties….Researchers have found that the longer a wife is employed, the more both partners think about divorce- an increase of one percentage point for each year of her employment. Things get worse as she earns more money. Vassar economist Shirley Johnson calculated that every $1000 increase in a wife’s earnings increases her chance for divorce by 2 percent…Women wed to less-educated or younger men had marital dissolution rates at least 50% greater than those marrying similarly-educated or older men. Better-educated husbands brought no increased risk to the marriage.”

From HOME ECONOMICS by F. Roger Devlin:
“One thing no economist will ever tell us is how many babies have not been born thanks to women’s workplace “advances.”
“Finally, one of the great suppressed realities of the contemporary workplace is the widespread existence of mother guilt in female employees: pangs of conscience brought on by leaving their children to the care of paid surrogates out of a misguided belief that they are "supposed to" keep up with men by holding down full-time jobs. This probably contributes to the notorious personal unpleasantness of many working women, and it certainly affects their job performance. Apparently it is not as easy to find examples of stay-at-home mothers torn up at the thought of multinational conglomerates deprived of their love and comforting.”

Injury 2: Through divorce or the decision of parents not to marry, fathers were removed, either forcefully or willfully, from homes and from the lives of their children. The absence of an effective father in the home made it difficult or impossible for a mother to be effective.

Excerpt from THE GARBAGE GENERATION by Daniel Amneus:
“Girls in female-headed homes have more problems in sex role and personality development and in handling aggression. Father-deprived sons frequently exhibit aggressive behavior, lack of social responsibility, a variety of intellectual defects, high delinquency potential, tendencies toward homosexuality, difficulties in interpersonal relations and low need for achievement. More than one-third of the children from female-headed homes drop out of school.”

From Paul Coughlin, No More Christian Nice Guy:
“The largest, most critical factor predicting whether a child will graduate from high school, attend college, avoid crime, reject drugs, or not become pregnant before eighteen is a father’s presence in his or her life. According to a recent report by the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), “Fathers play a unique role in fostering the well-being of their children, not only through providership, protection, and guidance, but also through the way they nurture the next generation.” However, there’s a huge catch: “A father’s involvement with his children… is powerfully contingent on the mother’s attitude” toward him. Research on children consistently indicates that the father-child relationship, even more than the mother-child relationship, depends on the quality of the parents’ relationship. See the snag? If for decades women have been told that they need a man “like fish need bicycles,” then they have been encouraged to deny the children an influence more integral and beneficial than good nutrition. This lowest-common-denominator view of masculinity has wrought unprecedented societal damage; radical feminism inarguably darkens a child’s future.”

Also from the DHHS report:

“A playful, challenging, and nurturing approach to fatherhood is associated with more self-control and pro-social behavior among children throughout the course of their lives… One study of seventh graders found that boys who had close relationships with their fathers were more likely to control their feelings and impulses, to obey rules at school and home, and to make good moral judgments… The same study found that boys with involved fathers had fewer school behavior problems and that girls had more self-esteem…”

“Boys and girls who are exposed to the nurture of a father, and to see a father being nurturing to their mother and other adults, are much less likely to associate masculinity with predatory sexual behavior and hyper-aggressiveness… Fathers help their children- especially their daughters- develop the self-control and the sense of self-worth that protects them from premature sexual intercourse and teenage pregnancy.”

Feminism and the sexual revolution destroyed the foundations of civilization, traditional morality and the family it enables. Traditional morality DID NOT include a double standard:

From F. Roger Devlin, Sexual Utopia in Power:
“In fact, men have never been encouraged to go about seeking casual sex
with multiple women. How could any sane society encourage such behavior?
The results are inevitable and obvious: abandoned women and fatherless
children who are a financial burden on innocent third parties. Accordingly, promiscuous men have traditionally been regarded as dissolute, dangerous, and
dishonorable. They have been called by names such as “libertine” or “rake.”
The traditional rule of sexual conduct has been chastity outside of marriage,
faithfulness within—for both sexes.”

The Fatal Stroke

In destroying traditional values and gender roles, specifically in inflicting the two great injuries described above, feminism struck a fatal blow at civilization and human life:

From Nicholas Davidson, The Failure of Feminism:
“Those who fail to respect the conditions necessary to maintain human life exhibit a fundamental disrespect for life itself. Because we are never as wise as we would like to think, tradition is an irreplaceable sine qua non of human existence. Irresponsibility is far too weak a word for the radical readiness to jettison all the institutions of society in the vague belief that progress will somehow thereby result.

Beyond the Point of No Return

Civilization cannot be revived. The institution of marriage has become merely a means of generating income for ex-wives at the expense of ex-husbands. Political power has been wielded to destroy all good things that marriage previously enabled. The prophecy of Queen Victoria is fulfilled:

“I am most anxious to enlist everyone who can speak or write to join in checking this mad, wicked folly of 'Women's Rights', with all its attendant horrors, on which her poor feeble sex is bent, forgetting every sense of womanly feelings and propriety. Feminists ought to get a good whipping. Were women to 'unsex' themselves by claiming equality with men, they would become the most hateful, heathen and disgusting of beings, and would surely perish without male protection."

There is nothing to be gained by trying to reverse the damage caused by feminism, or to engage in a dialogue with feminists. A man can only walk away and try to find refuge from the storm, leaving a rotten society to crumble under its own weight. Any effort he makes to shore up its failing foundations will only injure him:

“The male is always guilty, since males, from the feminist perspective, are responsible for the alleged oppression of women throughout history, and consequently for all the ills of the present. The message feminists cannot help constantly sending their would-be male supporters is in effect, “Take it like a man, you wimp.” A man associates with feminists on the same terms a Jew with anti-Semites or a black with white supremacists. He is condemned to a permanent and unsuccessful series of apologies for his misconduct, a perpetual shuffling of the feet. Nothing he can ever do will erase the stain of his physical being, which is responsible for indelible spiritual pollution. Conversely, since men are responsible for all evil, women are rinsed clean of the sin of Eve and become incapable of evil.” (From Nicholas Davidson, The Failure of Feminism)

Civilization Remembered

From A Guide to the Manners, Etiquette, and Deportment of the Most Refined Society:
“It has been seen that in the rearing and training of her children, woman has a great work to perform; that in this work she exerts an incalculable influence upon untold numbers, and that she molds the minds and characters of her sons and daughters. How important, then, that she should cultivate her mental faculties to the highest extent, if for no other reason than to fit herself the better for the performance of this great duty of educating her children. The fact is becoming more palpable every year that there is an education appropriate to each sex; that identical education for the two sexes is so unnatural, that physiology protests against it and experience weeps over it. The physiological motto in education is, “educate a man for manhood, a woman for womanhood, and both for humanity.” It will thus be seen, that as women have the care, the training and the education of children, they need an education in a special direction, and should have a very thorough one, to prepare them for the task.”

Henry Ford:
“A home is a place inhabited, not an apartment to which two working people, tired from their labor, return to rest from a day’s work. A home is a place inhabited by the spirit of homemaking, which spirit somehow requires a pretty constant bodily presence of the homemaker, who is supremely the woman.”

“There are, of course, exceptional circumstances, but as a rule, where the man of the house is able-bodied, he should be the sole representative of the family in the industrial world. He should make a living and his wife should make the home. It is unpleasant to relate that while some married women are forced to work for their living, there are far too many who work merely to gratify those extravagant tastes which a normal family income cannot support.”

“People sometimes argue that if these married women work, they at least contribute to production. It is a question whether they do or not. Indeed, it is very doubtful that they do. For, whatever their labor may contribute, the use they make of their wages is to encourage a number of nonessential industries”...(such as professional child day care)…“and thus they destroy by their money what they create with their labor.”

“Marriage may be repaired; it is broken at great peril. Domestic happiness is not only of private importance. It is the world's business, the future’s business, how our domestic life goes. A great many undesirable conditions in the present day can be traced back to untoward domestic conditions.”

Civilization: Requiescat in Pace

Additional Readings: I do not necessarily endorse all statements made in the following literature without reservation. I have found that these sources generally provide accurate information and useful, insightful, or otherwise interesting commentaries.

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